Bharath Agro Products proudly presents their new Invention TRACTOR MOUNTED STRAW COMBINE which makes the Waste into a Good Fuel.

Input : This machine takes in the waste thorny material from Julia Flora Trees, Babul Trees
Processing : This machine takes the thorny branches as input and crushes them and convert them into small wood chips
Output : Output of this machine is the Wood Husk, which is the highly flammable Industrial fuel

Wood husk is double time of calorific value compare with Neyveli Lignite (5040 Kcal/Kg). It is best opted fuel for industries like paper, food processing, textiles industrial boilers, Hotels and especially for BIO MASS plants.

1. Rs.50 crore worth production expected in one year in a district.
2. 300 machines are required for 1 district.
3. Environment protection.
4. Free input but highly demandable output.
5. Employment generated up to 3.40 lakhs man days in a year.
6. Perennial income.
7. Best opted fuel for industries.
8. Expanding potentialities over country wide.
9. Waste land income increased.
10. Standard of living and infrastructure development.

Why should we believe in this new Invention TRACTOR MOUNTED STRAW COMBINE ??
1. Free input cost there is no shortage or no demand in wood waste material.
2. The output material of the machine is highly demandable. So there is no marketing problem.
3. Our machine process other than the Julia flora waste like Chilly waste, cotton waste, Bamboo waste, Sugarcane waste and all wood waste.
4. Expanding potentialities over country wide.
5. Immediate income from the investments and early liquidation of loans.
6. Appreciated by our former President Hon. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.
7. Machine Tested by Gov. of India, Ministry of Agriculture.
8. Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology.
9. Registration approved by Transport Department, Govt. of Tamilnadu.
10. Golden opportunity for new entrepreneurs.


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